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Would your company or organisation like to find out about a different approach to improving the wellbeing and performance of your people? 

  • Cost effective, straightforward and practical, backed by scientific evidence.

  • Enjoyable, simple, non-invasive and self-sustaining for participants.

  • Will help you to support and address stress, health or attendance concerns. 

  • No need for personal disclosure except to highlight any specific conditions.

  • All can benefit from reduced anxiety, improved concentration and reduced fatigue.


There are many factors that affect health and wellbeing for all of us.  Two of the most fundamental (and closely connected) are breathing function and regulation of the nervous system, yet these are rarely understood or optimised.  Around two-thirds of adults have some form of dysfunctional breathing, and almost everybody will have been affected by emotional dysregulation, anxiety, low mood, fatigue or poor concentration.  There are many associated common health disorders.  In some cases this may result in doctors visits and medication, or in time lost from work.  More often, people will endure sub-optimal health and performance without even being aware of the underlying reasons or how to address them (other than self-medication).

We can offer various routes to support your organisation: - 

  • Initial meetings with key decision makers free of charge via Zoom or Teams (or face-to-face in CV31 to CV37 postcode areas, travel charges apply to other areas).

  • Short talks with easy, practical exercises (around 30 minutes), for example: -

    • Quick and easy ways to reduce anxiety or panic, and improve concentration.​

    • Introduction to optimal breathing function.

    • Introduction to nervous system regulation.

  • Group training - principles of breathing & nervous system regulation (2 - 2.5 hours).​

  • Individual one-to-one follow-up reviews after group training.

  • Individual one-to-one tailored coaching to address specific concerns.

  • Ongoing support by email, phone or video call.

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