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Do you feel concerned about your health and wellbeing but haven't found an effective approach that works for you?  Do you feel stuck with feeling below par, struggling with sleep, or anxious and unable to concentrate?  There are many factors that affect health and wellbeing for all of us.  Two of the most fundamental (and closely connected) are breathing function and regulation of the nervous system, yet these are rarely understood or optimised. 


Around two-thirds of adults have some form of dysfunctional breathing, and almost everybody will have been affected by emotional dysregulation, anxiety, low mood, fatigue or poor concentration.  There are many common health disorders that may be associated such as asthma; COPD; diabetes; epilepsy; exercise performance; hyperventilation; rhinitis; hay fever; nose and throat infections; menstrual or menopausal symptoms; high blood pressure; sleep disorders (insomnia, sleep apnoea, snoring), back pain or neck/shoulder pain; migraines; tinnitus; anxiety and panic disorder; dental problems; fatigue; post-viral fatigue; fibromyalgia; long covid.

In some cases this may result in doctors visits and medication, time lost from work or impacts on personal and family life.  Often, people will endure sub-optimal health and performance without even being aware of the underlying reasons or how to address them (other than self-medication).

We can offer various options to support you: - 

  • Free of charge introductory video call by Zoom or Teams to answer any questions.

  • In person therapy and coaching at our home office in rural south Warwickshire.

  • Sessions can be booked one at a time or in advance at a discounted rate:-

    • 3 sessions course on functional breathing by Buteyko method.

    • 4 sessions course on functional breathing with nervous system regulation. 

  • ​Zoom or Teams video calls for coaching sessions or support.​

  • Additional support by email or phone.

  • Rates are very cost effective, we work on the principle of offering affordable support. 

  • Children aged 5 upwards are welcome and will benefit in their development by learning the exercises at a young age.  Children are taught alongside one parent or guardian that can support practice of the exercises at home.

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