About PEMBA Wellbeing

PEMBA is an African name meaning "The force of present existence"
PEMBA is also a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean.

PEMBA Wellbeing takes a natural and holistic approach to supporting your peace of mind and wellbeing. This starts with helping you to understand how your breathing affects all aspects of your wellbeing, then helping you to
establish healthy breathing patterns with simple but well-proven methods, including the Buteyko Breathing Technique.
Stress Management tools are used to calm the mind and the body, supported by natural and complementary approaches to health, diet and nutrition.
If you find yourself "stuck", through the ASPIRE program we can explore together ways to ease suffering, develop flexibility and move forward with fresh commitment towards your life values.

Let PEMBA Wellbeing be your Partner in Emotional, Mind and Body Alignment.

Jeremy Bryson

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Jeremy previously worked in operational management roles in industry, including 20 years in pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics.  He has first-hand experience of the effects that stress and anxiety can have in the workplace and within families, and over several years has practised and studied extensively in the field of stress management and holistic therapy, gaining a range of Diploma and Certificate level qualifications and delivering stress management and wellbeing training and mentoring to employees, family members and friends.


He established PEMBA Wellbeing in 2021 to provide Stress Management and Wellbeing Coaching to clients, either in person at his home treatment room in Warwickshire, or remotely via Zoom or Teams.  Through using breathing techniques to help clients with relaxation and meditation, he came across the Buteyko method and studied with Buteyko Clinic International, under the auspices of Patrick McKeown, to achieve the Certificate in the Buteyko Clinic Method.  He is passionate about the benefits of the Buteyko method for clients to improve their quality of life in relation to breathing disorders, sleep problems and anxiety. 

In addition, Jeremy is an enthusiastic advocate for natural health and is Diploma qualified in Naturopathy, Diet & Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology.


He is married to Vicky, a Clinical Reflexologist and has two teenage children.